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I’m 32 and serve as Director of Discipleship at College Park Church church in Fishers. (The thoughts and opinions on this blog are mine, and might not reflect College Park as a whole.) I’m 4 years into marriage with my sweet wife. We live in Noblesville, a place we love because it’s close to Indy and yet all the cornfields aren’t missing. She’s pregnant with our first child, so we’re quite aware life is about to change. Most of what you’ll see on this blog relates to one of my interests: history, reading, travel, (good) food and drink, college football (go Gators and Notre Dame!), being outdoors, and theology and discipleship in the local church. I received a degree in Historical Theology from the Moody Bible Institute and am very slowly knocking out a Master’s Degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. In the past year several months I’ve been binge reading Wendell Berry’s Port William series and binge-watching Longmire.